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Network Security Consultant International Job Vacancies

Work as a Network Security Consultant for an international organisation

The role of a Network Security Consultant for an international organisation is to assist with the organisation’s delivery services to its users.

As a consultant you will work with project teams to produce solutions that comply with internal security policies, standards and the security architecture. The role requires a hands-on background with a wide range of security, network and/or IT technologies. You will also provide technical advice and guidance to Technology Security Specialists and Analysts.

Key aspects of the role as a Network Security Consultant include:

  • Providing project security guidance, design input and design review/Assessment;
  • Reviewing and approving end to end connectivity across networks.
  • Specifying security testing, and ensuring that identified vulnerabilities are remediated;
  • Identifying security risks, and ensuring that these are managed effectively.
  • Applying subject matter expertise to secure the organisaion’s IT, networks and services.
  • Ensuring that projects integrate with security baseline controls such as IPS/IDS, WAF, Firewall Change Management, Identity & Access Management and Vulnerability Management.
  • Ensuring internal customers, external suppliers and delivery partners are aware of security standards and future strategy to influence development roadmaps.
  • Identifying security risks, managing them with key stakeholders, and providing recommendations for risk mitigation.

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