Can international work experience be beneficial to your CV?

Can international work experience be beneficial to your CV?

Often students in college debate whether or not it’s actually worth their time going on an Erasmus to study in order to get an international qualification. Similarly, later in life people often wonder if it’s worth adding international work experience to their CV in order to cast a larger net when looking for jobs within their industry. In this brief post we’re going to highlight 3 reasons as to why getting international work experience can be extremely beneficial not only to you but also your CV.

Here are the top 3 reasons as to why an international career may be perfect for you;

Interpersonal Skills

It’s often said, it’s not what you know that gets you far in a job, it’s who you know. This is unbelievably true. The culture experience you encounter from working abroad can bring back indirect benefits through interpersonal relations. Everyone around the world is different and becoming accustom to their culture is something you can use in order to build better relationships with those outside of your home country.

Personal Development

Going to a new country alone can be daunting and uncomfortable but an experience all the same. What you’ll begin to learn is that it’s important that you get comfortable being uncomfortable. You’ll soon begin to realise that life begins outside of your comfort zone. Forcing yourself into situations you might not be experienced with will teach you how to deal with the pressure of that situation and soon you’ll learn to adapt to these experiences much quicker than others.

Your CV will stand out from the crowd

If everyone from your home town has the same relevant work experience in your field and the same grades, how can you be different? Perhaps the person interviewing you from the job is not actually from your home town and notices you have recent work experience in a different country. From this you will most certainly stand out from the bunch.

To conclude, working in international jobs can do wonders for your CV and your personal development. Not only that but employers are impressed to see that you have initiative and flexibility to go out and achieve this type of experience on your own.

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